Case Study: World’s Ugliest Site Sells For $21,700

In order to get a lump sum payday with real estate, you’d have to risk tens of thousands of dollars to buy a house, spend countless weekends of sweaty toil fixing up it’s problems, and then list it with an annoying realtor while hoping that it sells for more than you paid. To get the same lump sum profits, you COULD just build a crappy website, like the one seen in this video.

Why did sell for so much money? For a few reasons: first, it was positioned in a profitable niche that had plenty of advertisers. Second, it had the keyword in the URL, which helped it to rank on the first page of Google.

That’s about it. A simple bidders’ war drove up the price, and it cashed out for a huge lump sum.

These are the exact types of sites that you’ll build after going through Lump Sum Profits. The only difference is that they’ll make money as you build them, paying you a “dividend” as you hold them. Grab your copy of Lump Sum Profits here.

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